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Posted 18 November 2004 - 07:03 PM

QUOTE (Joshua @ Nov 18 2004, 8:03 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Looking to rent a hall? For your convenience, a google map search for Halls Referral & Info.

Also, here's the Portland Park rental info webpage: http://www.portlandonline.com/parks/?c=39172


Venue: Amouress Dance Studio
Address: 4515 SW Corbett, Portland, OR 97239
Contact: 503-616-2944
Floor: wood
Booze: no
Food: no
Venue website: http://amouress.com

Venue: Ankeny Street Studio
Address: 975 Se Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97214
Contact: (503) 233-2126
Floor: wood
Booze: no
Food: no
Ages: 18+
Venue website: http://www.ankenystreetstudio.com

Venue: Bacchus Restaurant
Address: South View Center, 3200 SE 164th Ave, Vancouver WA
Contact: (360) 882-9672
Booze: yes
Food: yes
Ages: all
Smoking: no
Venue website: http://www.bacchusrestaurant.biz/

Venue: Ballroom Parkrose
Address: 4848 NE 105th Ave., Portland, OR (Corner of NE Sandy & 105)
Floor: wood
Venue website: http://www.ballroomparkrose.com

Venue: Beale Street NW closed
Address: 10721 NE Sandy, Portland, OR
Contact: (503) 788-5155
Booze: yes
Food: BBQ
Floor: 15' x 35' fake wood over carpet
Ages: 21+
Cover: free on weekdays, $5+ on weekends
Dance website: http://portlandblues.com/
Venue website: http://bealestreetnw.com/

Venue: Berretin (aka Tango Berretin) - for tango and Fusion
Address: 6305 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR, 97206
(503) 771-7470
Floor: ~800 sqft medium-speed wood with some ceiling-support poles in the way.
Booze: no
Food: snacks, depends on event organizer. Soda and water for sale.
Ages: all
Venue website: TangoBerretin.com

Venue: BossaNova - née Viscount Ballroom
Description: occasional swing dances, rental
Address: 722 E Burnside St, Portland, OR
Floor: ~2000 sqft, medium speed wood.
Booze: yes
Food: yes
Floor: upstairs, small
Ages: 21+

Venue: Cascade Bar and Grill (live blues)
Address: 15000 SE Mill Plain, Vancouver, WA
Booze: yes
Ages: 21+?
Floor: ?
Website: http://cascadebarandgrill.com/

Venue: Center Space - rentable event space
Address: 420 SE 6th Ave, Portland, OR (Between Stark and Oak)
Booze: no
Ages: all
Floor: fast lacquered/finished plywood
Contact: (503) 239-7657

Venue: Chelsea Ballroom - rentable event space
Address: 1510 SE 9th, Portland, OR
Contact: 503 236 2759
Booze: if catered
Floor: wood
Website: http://ChelseaBallroom.com

Venue: Coach's Bar & Grill - live blues
Address: 10162 SW Park Way, Portland, OR
(503) 297-0287
Booze: yes
Food: bar food
Ages: ?
Floor: ?
Dance website: http://portlandblues.com/

Venue: Collins View Church - classes
Address: 318 SW Palatine Hill Rd., Portland, OR
Ages: all
Booze: no
Food: no

Venue: Crimson Ballroom - dances, classes, rentable event space
Address: 702 NE Dekum St., Portland, OR
Floor: 3200 sqft medium speed wood
Booze: sometimes
Food: no
Ages: all
Notes: Originally the Rose City Ballroom, then the Scarlett Ballroom, and then the Village Ballroom. This is DanceMode's space.

Venue: Crown Ballroom - event rental
Address: 918 SW Yamhill, 5th Floor, Portland, Oregon
Contact: 503.227.8440
Website: http://www.thecrownballroom.com/

Venue: Crystal Ballroom - largest dance hall
Address: 1332 W Burnside St, Portland, OR
(503) 225-0047
Floor: 7500 sqft. bouncy! Wood.
Booze: McMenamins beer, full bar
Food: pizza
Ages: all ages
Venue website: Crystal Ballroom

Venue: DanceMode Studios - classes
Located at the Village Ballroom
Contact: (503) 998-7417
Dance website: http://DanceMode.com/

Venue: Duff's Garage - rockabilly, blues, swing shows
Address: 1635 SE 7th Ave., Portland, OR
(503) 234-2337
Floor: linoleum, 20x8 (small). There's another 12x12 of linoleum in the back with a few tables and chairs on it.
Booze: yes
Food: yes
Ages: 21+
Venue website: DuffsGarage.com

Venue: Fired Up Dance Studio - classes
Address: 15603 SW 116th Ave, Portland, OR 97224
Ages: all

Venue: Garbero's - live music
Address: 414 sw 13th Ave
Booze: Beer & wine
Ages: ?

Venue: Imago Ballroom and Lounge
Address: 17 SE 8th Ave Suite B
Contact: (360) 798-6929
Floor: 1500 sq. ft. hardwood dance floor
Booze: no
Ages: all
Venue website: [url=http://www.swingtimepdx.com[/url]

Venue: Laurelthirst Public House - live music
Address: 2958 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR
(503) 232-1504
Floor: cafeteria tile; between tables and beer puddles. Big enough for 3 or 4 balboa couples
Booze: one or two drink minimum
Food: yes
Ages: 21+

Venue: Lenora's Room
Address: 2958 NE Glisan 615 SE Alder, Portland, OR 97214
Contact: (503) 957-3369
Floor: 1,800 sqft hardwood floor
Booze: no
Food: no
Ages: all ages

Venue: McMinville Grand Ballroom
Address: [url="
http://maps.google.c...2,0.050782"]325 3rd St., McMinville, OR
(503) 435-2830
Floor: Doug fir
Booze: yes
Food: yes
Ages: all
Venue website: http://www.mgballroom.com/

Venue: Melody Ballroom - rentable event space
Address: 615 Se Alder St, Portland, 97214
Booze: yes
Food: yes
Floor: wood with carpet edging - 4000 sqft upstairs, 2000 sqft down
Venue Website: http://themelodyballroom.com/

Venue: Milwaukie Community Club - rentable event space
Address: 10666 SE 42nd Ave, Milwaukie, OR
Floor: solid 39 x 67 ft. hardwood floor, refinished Summer 2005
Booze: no
Food: ?
Ages: all
Venue Website: http://milwaukiecommunityclub.org/ has pictures and info

Venue: Milwaukie Elks Lodge
Address: 13121 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Milwaukie, OR 97222
Floor: 47 x 55 = 2550 sqft danceable hard-wood floor with 12' of carpet around edge
Booze: ?
Food: ?
Ages: all

Venue: Mississippi Ballroom - rentable event space
Address: 833 N. Shaver St. (at Mississippi)
Floor: 34x42=2250 sqft of medium-speed wood
Booze: no
Food: no
Ages: all
Venue Website: http://MississippiBallroom.com
Notes: with residences above and thin windows, there are noise requirements and a typical 10pm shutdown

Venue: Newberg Community Center
Address: 500 E. 2nd St., Newberg, OR

Venue: Nocturnal - closed Dec 2006
Address: 1800 E Burnside St, Portland, OR
(503) 239-5900
Floor: medium-fast wood, about 1000 sqft
Booze: full bar (closed)
Food: no
Ages: all
Venue website: NocturnalPDX.com[/s]

Venue: Norse Hall - live music, rentable event space
Address: 111 NE 11th Ave, Portland, OR
Floor: large, medium speed wood
Booze: full bar, depending on the event organizer
Food: snacks, depends on the event organizer
Ages: all
Venue website: NorseHall.org
Dance website: http://home.comcast.net/~bonnie.hertz/

Venue: North Star Ballroom
Address: 635 N. Killingsworth Ct., Portland, OR
Floor: wood
Booze: no
Food: no
Ages: all
Venue website: NorthStarBallroom.com

Venue: Oaks Park Historic Dance Pavilion - live music, rentable event space
Address: SE Oaks Park Way, Portland, OR
Floor: wood
Booze: depends on organizer
Food: depends on organizer
Venue website: http://oakspark.com/

Venue: Paradise Place Studio - dances, classes, rentable event space
Address: 826 SE Belmont St., Portland, OR, 97214
Contact: 503-235-3350 greg@paradisestudiopdx.com
Floor: wood
Booze: no
Food: soda for sale
Ages: all
Venue website: ParadiseStudio.us

Venue: Polish Center - rentable event space
Address: 3832 N. Interstate Ave. Portland, OR
Floor: Nice wood
Food: has a [rentable] kitchen
Ages: all
Venue Website: http://www.portlandpolonia.org/plba/PLBA-rentals-e.html

Venue: PPAA (Portland Policeman's Athletic Association) - dances, classes, rentable event space
Address: 618 SE Alder, Portland, OR
Floor: sprung wood, good size
Booze: yes
Food: microwave pizza and hotdogs
Ages: all
Notes: parking okay in USBank lot at 6th & Alder

Venue: Secret Society Ballroom - rentable event space
Address: 116 NE Russell Street, Portland, Oregon 97212
Floor: 1800 sqft. wood
Food: no (but the Wonder Cafe in the same building is terrific)
Booze: no (but the Wonder Cafe in the same building is terrific)
Ages: all
Venue website: http://www.secretsocietyballroom.com/

Venue: Shilo Inn, Beaverton - live music
Address: 9900 SW Canyon Road, Cedar Hills, OR
Tel: (503) 297-2551
Floor: portable wood floor
Booze: full bar
Food: yes
Ages: 21+
Venue: Smith Memorial Ballroom - rentable event space for PSU alumni
Address: 1825 SW Broadway

Venue: Studio 1050 (aka TENfifty) - dances, rentable event space
Address: 50 SE Yamhill St, Portland, OR (Entrance on SE Water)
Floor: a little bigger than Nocturnal. Wood.
Food: no
Booze: no
Website: http://1050events.com

Venue: Tiffany Ballroom - rentable event space
Address: 1410 SW Morrison
Capacity: 650 dancers
Venue Website: http://www.rafatiscatering.com/tiffany_center.html
Notes: there are three ballrooms here. I'm not sure how many are dance-friendly

Venue: Tigard Grange - dance, rentable event space
Address: 13770 SW Pacific Highway, Tigard, OR, 97223
Floor: ~1200 sqft medium-fast wood
Booze: no
Food: no
Ages: all
Website: http://www.westsideswing.com/

Venue: Tigard Dance Complex (real name TBD) - dances, rentable event space
Address: 8900 SW Commercial St., Tigard, OR
Floor: three rooms, all newly finished in 2007
Food: there's a [rentable] kitchen
Booze: no
Ages: all
Website: http://TheBallroomDanceCompany.com

Venue: Tillicum Club - live music
Address: 8585 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR
(503) 292-1835
Floor: teeny
Booze: yes
Food: yes
Ages: 21+

Venue: Tony Starlight's Supperclub and Lounge
Address: 3728 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR
Venue website: http://TonyStarlight.com
Food: definitely. See http://www.tonystarlight.com/menu.htm
Drink: full bar
Dance floor: 16x16=256 sqft if the tables are moved
Ages: 21+
Notes: reservations help. Let them know you'd like to dance when you call.

Venue: Treasury Ballroom
Address: 326 SW Broadway
Venue website: http://treasuryballroom.com
Capacity: 300 seated
Floor: not carpetted :-)
Contact: 503-226-1240

Venue: Vino Paradiso Wine Bar and Bistro - live music
Address: 417 NW 10th Ave
Floor: nice wood, very small; room for 3 or 4 balboa couples
Booze: beer and wine
Food: yes
Ages: 21+
Venue website: http://VinoParadiso.com

Venue: The Viscount Dance Studios - classes
Address: 724 E Burnside St, Portland, OR
Contact: 503-226-3262
Floor: two rooms of Pergo, each is about 20x50.
Booze: no
Food: no
Ages: all
Venue website: ViscountStudios.com

Venue: Wonder Ballroom - rentable event space
Address: 128 NE Russell
Floor: wood, a little bigger than the North Star, a little smaller than the Norse Hall.
Venue Website: http://www.wonderballroom.com/
Notes: originally the Hiberian Hall

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